'Dream a Little Dream of Me' is a very popular song first released in 1931 and subsequently reinterpreted by many artist such as Doris Day, Ella Fitzgerald and perhaps most notably by “Mama” Cass Elliot in 1968. Each of these renditions has been recorded using the most cutting edge (and ever changing) technologies available at the time of their commercial release. Given the countless signal processing methods and formats that have been created and deprecated in the last century, it was obvious to me that a certain chaos is inherent in this constant fluctuation of standards and that primary raw content and physical data are subject to permanent loss as new decoding systems tend to discard older formats and backwards compatibility is neglected.

Using as a point of departure the aesthetics of decay that are present on the track 'Dreram (Dream a Little Dream of Me)' by Fast Forward, I created a visual environment that reflected the playback output produced by an imaginary technology of the not-so-distant future that attempts to decode a long forgotten encoding format. By using abstract imagery I detached the video from any particular attempt at connecting the video with any of the possible performer(s) of the song, something that is already implied in the sound piece itself.

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